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White Sand and Stone

Spa Services

Surf Shack Spa Services

Ageless Complexion Facial

75 minutes   $165

While you're enjoying your stay, bring back your youth and slow down the hands of time with this treatment full of age fighting ingredients. A slow released pure form of Retinol along with other antioxidant and power food ingredients will have you kissing those fine lines goodbye.

Hints of coconut and green tea will have you feeling like you are on your own private island oasis. A mineral packed sunscreen leaves your skin velvety soft and ready to hit the beach.

All facial services include massage to the arms, hands, face, head and décolleté.

Sun Soaked Facial (for oily skin)

60 minutes   $145

Let's soak up that oil while still leaving you feeling sun kissed and hydrated like an ocean mist. Zap away bacteria with high frequency waves.  A kale water moisturizer will leave you feeling hydrated around the clock.

Facial Mask
Bye-Bye Blemish Facial

75 minutes   $165

Let's get rid of those pesky pimples and sail into a sea of smoother, splendid skin. A hemp infused gel cleanser will naturally refresh your skin without drying. 

Our C of Change peel pads will wash away those unwanted breakouts and leave you with a glowing, smooth, and picture-perfect complexion.

Illuminating Sea Facial

60 minutes   $155

Your stay wouldn't be complete without this illumination destination.  A natural combination of fruit acids from papaya, blackberries, aronia, fermented lemon and pomegranate will amp up brightening for divine illumination.  This treatment will have your skin feeling (literally) tingly, active and new.


NOTE: Rosy redness may occur and diminish within a few hours. Skin may be a little sensitive after. A perfect time to grab a cocktail from downstairs and relax and unwind.


Shack Signature

60 / 90 minutes   $140 / $180

Long day at the beach? Tired from biking around on the Pier? Come ease those muscles and melt away stress and tension with a blend of techniques designed just for your body's needs. Scents of lavendar and clementine will have you both relaxed & refreshed all at the same time.

Knots Be Gone  (deep tissue)

Being by the ocean, we are all for those nautical knots. Muscle knots? Not so much. Deep tissue and targeted muscle techniques will work out all of those hard spots that are causing your discomfort.  Applications will continue to soothe those muscles to send you on your way.

60 / 90 minutes   $160 / $200

Neck Massage
Sunset Oasis

75 minutes  $185

A beautiful, pampering treatment to match our gorgeous ocean sunsets. A luscious Tamari infused oil will have you feeling like you are on a tropical Polynesian island. Hints of agave nectar and clementines will stimulate your senses and bring an absolute sense of relaxation.


A honey-heel glaze will leave your feet pedicure fresh and feeling like been you've been walking on the softest white sands. Hot towels bring the warmth of the islands. All you'll need after this massage is a delicious fruity cocktail, which is only a few stairs away.

Beach Balanced Combo

60 / 90 minutes   $175 / $210

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